Terms and Conditions

Hexnergy is an arcade mobile game, where in we collect user data to send relevant notifications only.

Please note that we never sell or share user data with any of the third party/parties.

Hexnergy never promotes any explicit or illigal content. All the content is varified and approved by the safariinfosoft team.

This offer is valid for only Indian citizens holding valid Indian mobile numbers.

Users must register with Hexnergy with a valid mobile number to enter

Team safari and its relatives are not allowed to participate in this contest

This offer is valid till 31st December, 2018 only.

User must have a valid Mobile Wallet account/app to accept the cash rewards

Only one reward will be given per mobile number

In case of any issues please write to us on safariinfosoft@gmail.com or call us on +91 9978625201

All the legal issues would be handled at Ahmedabad Jurisdiction court.

User must complete all the 21 levels of the game with 3 stars to be eligible for the reward scheme.

This scheme is only for the first 100 winners, it would be first come first serve basis, once the 100 winners would be rewarded, scheme would be closed !